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SPEARFISHING with Dee's Diamond Flashers
Whether Blue Water Spearfishing, Cold Water Spearfishing, Free Diving or Scuba Diving, Dee's are the ultimate spearfishing attractor. Extremely easy to use, Dee's Flashers will bring them in close enough for that perfect shot.

Dee's Diamond Flashers have proven successful for all spearfishing applications. Whether skin diving or scuba diving, Dee's Flashers may be free floated, manually jigged or attached to your speargun. (see tips below)

The sight, sound and vibration of Dee's Flashers give a unique and added dimension to presentations. Together these will trigger the instinctive strikes that will create shot opportunities even on days when the fish are not biting.

Check out Dee's Flashers!

Spearfishing with Dee's Diamond Flashers










Spearfishing Champion Mike McGuire
Mike McGuire, of the US, seven-time National Champ, 2007 2nd Place, World Blue Water Spearfishing Classic, LaVentana Baja Mexico

Dee's Diamond Flashers:

Tips for Spearfishing in Blue Water (Skin Diving or Scuba Diving):

  1. Throw large flashers of any color about 30 ft in front of you while drifting in blue water. Allow the flasher to sink slowly undisturbed to about 30 ft, then dive to watch and retrieve it. Dee's large flashers will sink about one foot per second if you remove the swivel on the rear (large flat end) and keep the swivel on the front (smaller rounded end). They are balanced this way and turn very nicely. If you remove both swivels the sink rate is about one foot per 2-3 seconds and the flashing is much more erratic.

  2. Another trick is to hang numerous flashers in line with a weighted squid on the bottom, then manually jig them up and down to create the flashers rotation and reflection.

The string of flashers is normally about 20-30 feet down and is tied to a small float so it can be left as you dive for a shot on the fish. 4-10 flashers are normally used.


Dee's Diamond Flashers:

Tips for Spearfishing in Cold Water (spearfishing with lower visibility) (Skin Diving or Scuba Diving):

  1. For cold water (less visibility), Dee's Flashers are best mounted on the end of your spear gun by the tip (pointed end) or at the swivel. Bob the gun up and down around each rock pile you dive around and stop and wait. You will bring in fish you never would have believed were there.

  2. For Striper and Bluefish Spearfishing, you can throw the flashers as described above under Blue Water Spearfishing tips.


Get a Dee's and Start Shooting!

Spearfishing Champion Ian Puckeridge
Ian Puckeridge, of Australia, six-time National Champ and two-time World Blue Water Champ, 2007 1st Place, World Blue Water Spearfishing Classic, LaVentana Baja Mexico

Spearfishing with Dee's Diamond Flashers
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